Headplay SE is coming in February 2017 with new features and improvements.  Please contact your local dealer soon to purchase. 

DVR for recording your flights

        - Solid performance- no image cropping or black screen

        - Record analog video to micro SD card in .AVI format

        - Authentic HMDVR design

        - Video recording resolution: VGA (640 x 480) , D1 (720x480) , HD (1280x480)

Low latency LCD for best racing performance

        - 15 ms low latency video- even during active DVR recording

        - Never blue or black screen during FPV

New binocular acrylic lens for sharper image

         - Binocular acrylic lens is included and offers a more narrow FOV for racing

        - F220 mm fresnel lens comes installed and offers a very immersive feeling

New 5.8 GHz receiver with autoscan channel finder.

        - Design by Hawkeye

        - Improved sensitivity

        - 40 channels with Raceband

AV-in for connecting to FPV base station

        - Connect the Headplay to your existing FPV receiver

        - AV-in and AV-out are connected to the DVR, but it’s possible to disconnect the DVR

           and DIY connect AV-in (i.e. 1.3 GHz video Rx) to the AV-input ; and if you keep the AV-out

          connected to the DVR, you can record the external AV input with the DVR

HDMI-in for HD FPV

        - Smart design prevents cable from snapping if pulled by accident

        - Plug-and-play with HD FPV links and drones such as the Inspire

XT60 battery input for all day run time

        - Simple and smart battery holder for standard 2S-4S racing packs with XT60 connector

        - OSD voltage display with low battery warning

        - Voltage display can be moved to any corner of the screen or turned off

Patented ergonomic design

        - Light weight

        - Classic Headplay design spreads weight evenly on forehead and cheeks

        - Superior comfort, materials, fit and finish

        - Three point adjustable straps with silicone ant-slip belt

        - Five new colors : Monster Green, Platinum Silver, Battleship Gray, Headplay Blue, Matte Black

        - Rubber texture resists scratches and keeps new appearance longer